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David J. Nathan

Former Director, Endangered Languages Archive

David started at SOAS in 2004 and left in 2014. He previously held a position at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. For nearly 20 years he has worked with computing applications for endangered languages, especially Australian Aboriginal languages. David did a BA Honours degree at La Trobe University and then an MA in Linguistics at the University of Sussex, UK. He then taught courses in Computing, Linguistics, and Cognitive Science at University of Melbourne and Sydney University. More recently, he completed a Diploma of Management.

He has developed software for language research, publication, and education; and his conventional publications include a high school textbook plus CD-ROM Australia's Indigenous Languages, and a number of papers on lexicography, the Internet, and multimedia. David has established and run web sites at the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), the WWW Virtual Library for Aboriginal Languages of Australia, the Federation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages, and was co-author (with Peter Austin) of the first fully hypertext bilingual dictionary on the web: the Gamilaraay/Kamilaroi dictionary.

He has produced multimedia CD-ROMs for a number of languages: Paakanytji (Broken Hill area, with Luise Hercus), Yolngu-Matha (northeast Arnhem Land, with Michael Christie), Warrungu (Queensland, with Tasaku Tsunoda), and Karaim (Lithuania, with Eva Csato). He worked with colleagues in Australia on a multimedia CD-ROM for Gamilaraay. David ran the Aboriginal Studies Electronic Data Archive at AIATSIS for 4 years (similar to the Oxford Text Archive, but focussing on Australian Aboriginal languages, all of which are endangered).

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