Language Documentation &

Linguistic Theory 2

School of Oriental and African Studies, London

13 - 14 November 2009


The conference programme for LDLT2 is now available below. It may also be viewed in large format. Click on the title of a presentation to view the abstract.

All talks in parallel sessions will last 20 mins, with 10 mins for questions and discussion. Conference rooms will be equiped with a PC, speakers and data projector.

The registration desk will open at 9.15 on Friday 13 November 2009, but all delegates must pre-register online before Monday 12 October 2009.

Tea/coffee, lunch on both days and the drinks reception on Friday 13 November are included in the registration fee. Participants who would like to attend the conference dinner must book a place for this event during the registration process.

Friday 13 November 2009
09.40Welcome - Khalili Lecture Theatre

Chair: TBC
Chair: TBC
10.00 Do formal models constrain language description? The case of verbal agreement morphology
Michael Thomas, University of Colorado at Boulder
Laz relative clauses in a typological and areal perspective
René Lacroix, Laboratoire Dynamique du Langage, Lyon
10.30 Gender and person markers in Cicipu discourse: 'non-topical' and 'topical' anaphoric agreement
Stuart McGill, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
A theory is only as good as the data: casting a wide net in Kabardian and Ahtna documentation
Ayla B. Applebaum, University of California, Santa Barbara
Andrea L. Berez, University of California, Santa Barbara

Chair: TBC
Chair: TBC
11.30 Opacity in Bantu: in support of the internal organisation of features
Nancy C. Kula, University of Essex
Toward a notion of possible verb in Emai
Ronald P Schaefer, SIU Edwardsville
Francis O. Egbokhare, University of Ibadan
12.00 Phonology and phonetics of tone in Northern Sotho, a Southern Bantu language
Sabine Zerbian, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Narrative structuring (and restructuring) in Totela: a group study of tense-aspect in the field
Thera Marie Crane, University of California, Berkeley / University of Zambia
12.30 Modeling a new Guro orthography
Natalia Kuznetsova, University of Tartu / Institute for Language Studies at Russian Academy of Sciences
Olga Kuznetsova, Institute for Language Studies at Russian Academy of Sciences
Valentin Vydrin, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography at Russian Academy of Sciences
Mapping negation in conceptual space
Oliver Bond, School of Oriental and African Studies, London

Chair: TBC
Chair: TBC
14.30 Documenting deixis in Wik-Ngatharr and Wik-Ngathan
Louise Ashmore, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
The linguistic importance of language isolates: the African case
Jean-Marie Hombert, Dynamique du Langage (CNRS, Université de Lyon)
Gérard Philippson, Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales, Paris / Dynamique du Langage (CNRS, Université de Lyon)
15.00 Orientation or Location? A Case-Study of Jaminjung and Kriol
Dorothea Hoffmann, University of Manchester
(Un)classifying Shabo: phylogenetic methods and results
Tyler Schnoebelen, Stanford University
15.30 Murrinh-Patha agreement: implications for the relationship between theory and description
Rachel Nordlinger, University of Melbourne
Minderico: an endangered language in Portugal
Vera Ferreira, University of Regensburg
Peter Bouda, University of Regensburg

Chair: TBC
16.30Good things come in small languages: grammatical loss and innovation in Nzadi
Larry M. Hyman, University of California, Berkeley
19.00Conference dinner

Saturday 14 November 2009

Chair: TBC
Chair: TBC
09.30 Null arguments and homonymy flight in the development of creole pronoun systems
Melani Wratil, University of Düsseldorf

10.00 Displaced arguments: S-O-V-X word order in Mande
Tatiana Nikitina, Freie Universität, Berlin
Towards a model of maximal accessibility in linguistic documentation work
Conor McDonough Quinn, University of Nizwa
10.30 A note on the typology of head-internal relativization
Ken Hiraiwa, Meiji Gakuin University
From text to typology: towards implementing quantitative typology on corpora from endangered languages
Geoffrey Haig, University of Kiel Stefan Schnell, University of Kiel
11.00 Nominal tense in Tundra Nenets and Northern Samoyedic
Irina Nikolaeva, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
The Uncunwee (Ghulfan) Documentation Project: linking language documentation to language conservation
Robert S. Williams, The American University in Cairo
Angelika Jakobi, Universität zu Köln
Jade Comfort, Leiden University

12.00Is Africa really different? Documentation and theory construction for African languages

Chair: TBC
14.30Grammatical categories and linguistic theory
Tania Kuteva, Heinrich Heine Universität, Düsseldorf / School of Oriental and African Studies, London

Chair: TBC
Chair: TBC
16.00 Multiple noun class prefixes in Otijiherero
Lutz Marten, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
Ultrasound imaging and theories of tongue root phenomena in African languages
Fusheni Hudu, University of British Columbia
Amanda Miller, University of British Columbia
Douglas Pulleyblank, University of British Columbia
16.30 Construct forms of nouns in African languages
Denis Creissels, Université Lumière (Lyon2)
Discrete level narrative, terraced music: insights from underdocumented Ivorian languages
Dafydd Gibbon, Universität Bielefeld
Firmin Ahoua, Université de Cocody, Abidjan
Blé François Kipré, Université de Cocody, Abidjan
Sascha Griffiths, University of Canterbury
17.00 Ideophones in unexpected genres: what a varied corpus can tell us about the linguistic and cultural ecology of ideophony in Siwu (Kwa, eastern Ghana)
Mark Dingemanse, MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen
Typology of prosodic systems in Low Luga Izhorian varieties
Natalia Kuznetsova, University of Tartu / Institute for Language Studies at Russian Academy of Sciences