The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project  The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project

Endangered Languages Week 2012 -

Language, Performance and Culture

School of Oriental and African Studies
Russell Square, London

3-11 May 2012

This page last updated: 04 May 2012.

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There are approximately 7,000 languages spoken today but more than half of them are under

Endangered Languages Week 2012 presents a variety of talks, displays, discussions, films, lectures and workshops.


Activities include:

  • Scissor Dance -come and see Jose Navarro "Pishtaco" & Jose Fernandez "Ccory Ccente" performing the Ritual Scissor Dance, a kind of 'competition' or 'Atipanakuy' in the Quechua language, where two dancers try to outdo each other.
  • Exhibition- visit the Russell Room to see an interactive exhibition with films, performances, photographs, talks from fieldworkers, demonstrations  from students (software, palatography etc), film showings, debates and more.
  • Seminar- come and hear Frances Kofod talk about Language, Land, Art and People; Working with Endangered Languages in the East Kimberley, Australia
  • Open Day- come and see projects and books from organisations and researchers involved in endangered languages activities
  • Poetry Evening - Bob Holman, poet and filmmaker from New York, will lead us through an evening of poetry on and with endangered languages.
  • Bob Holman's films - Bob Holman, poet and film maker from New York screens part of his documentary "On the road with Bob Holman" and will engage with the audience in a Q & A sasseion.
  • Films - we will be showing international films on endangered languages in collaboration with the Royal Anthropological Institute
  • Website Launch - meet our students, who have been working on a 'Language Landscape' project and will launch their website, a platform for charting the rich variety of the world's languages and all the unexpected places they are spoken
  • Podcasts -listen to the podcasts our students have recorded about endangered languages week.
  • Getting a grip on Sign Language Documentation: a full day workshop on how to approach sign language documentation in the field

    All events are free of charge and open to anyone who is interested in endangered languages.