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About ELDP

The Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) is funded by Arcadia (previously known as the Lisbet Rausing Charitable Fund), which provided £20 million pounds for the Project, including £17 million for grant funding.

The key objectives of ELDP are

  • to support the documentation of as many endangered languages as possible
  • to encourage fieldwork on endangered languages, especially by younger scholars with skills in language documentation
  • to create a repository of resources for the linguistic, social science, and the language communities

Since 2003 ELDP has funded about 300 documentation projects around the world. Funded projects can be found from the box at the right or on our project page. The results of completed documentation projects funded by ELDP are made available by our archive ELAR

Up to 2013, ELDP awarded over £11 million for the documentation of endangered languages across the world. In 2013, over £1.4 million was awarded to a range of different documentary projects encompassing projects such as the documentation of Dari (also known as Behdini, Gavri or Gavruni) spoken by the religious minority of the Zoroastrians in the cities of Yazd and the surrounding areas, Kerman and Tehran (grantee: Saloumeh Gholami); the documentation of Hawaii’ sign language(grantee: James Woodward) or the documentation of the Gongduk language, an endangered language spoken by up to 2,000 people in a remote region of Eastern Bhutan including a ethnobotanical analysis of Gongduk flora and fauna (grantee: Karma Tshering). Outlines of all funded projects can be found at:


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