The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project  The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project

Iquito Language Documentation Project

Nora England, University of Texas, Austin

Project Details:

Major Documentation Project. Duration: 2003-2006. £67,038

Project Summary:

The ILDP continues the documentation of Iquito, a Zaparoan language of the Peruvian Amazon spoken by 25 people. It is partnered with ongoing language revitalisation efforts in the Iquito community of San Antonio. Products will include a reference grammar, a pedagogical grammar, an Iquito-Spanish dictionary, and a corpus of texts. Advanced graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin will work with community members and Peruvian graduate students on the project, under the immediate direction of Christine Beier and Lev Michael (graduate students in anthropology) and the general supervision of Nora C. England. Beier and Michael launched the project in 2002 on the invitation of the Iquito community, with Mark Brown and Lynda De Jong, two UT graduate students in linguistics. Language documentation will be combined with language teaching and the training of community linguists, as in the initial phase of the project.

Project archive deposit

Material from the the project is available here