The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project  The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project

Documentation of Yan-Nhangu, an undescribed language of North-Eastern Arnhem Land, Northern Australia

Claire Bowern, Australian National University

Project Details:

Field Trip Grant. Duration: 2004-2006. £8,846

Project Summary:

Yan-nhangu is spoken by members of a few families at Milingimbi Aboriginal Community in Eastern Arnhem Land, in Australia's Northern Territory. It is the least described language of the area, with very little previous work.

Ongoing project description:

Claire Bowern spent 5 weeks at Milingimbi as a guest of Yan-nhangu speakers, carrying out documentation work and compiling materials for a learners’ guide. There was a great deal of enthusiasm for the project that translated into practical help at every point. Next year a second field trip to work further on the language will take place.

Project archive deposit

Material from the project is available here
Deposit 1 (2006)

Deposit 2 (2007)