The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project  The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project

Documentation and description of Ukaan, a language of Southern Nigeria

Sophie Salffner, SOAS

Project Details:

Pilot Project Grant. Duration: 2006-2007. £7,945

Project Summary:

The project aims to produce a collection of audio and video recordings of Ukaan, a Benue-Congo language spoken in Southern Nigeria, which is yet undocumented and only sparsely described. All recordings will be transcribed and translated, with at least 10% of the recordings annotated in detail. The text corpus will be supplemented by a sociolinguistic survey, a Ukaan-Yoruba-English dictionary of around 2-3000 words, a sketch grammar (including background information on language and speakers, interlinearised texts and a standard wordlist) and a description of the Ukaan tense, aspect and mood system. Finally, upon community request, an Ukaan story book will be published.