Proceedings of Conference on

Language Documentation

& Linguistic Theory

Edited by Peter K. Austin, Oliver Bond & David Nathan

7-8 December 2007, SOAS, London

Author(s) Title File
Peter K. Austin,
Oliver Bond & David Nathan
Table of contents, Appendix and cover ldlt_00.pdf

Peter K. Austin,
Oliver Bond & David Nathan
Introduction ldlt_01.pdf

Richard Hudson Towards a useful theory of language ldlt_02.pdf

Phillip E. Cash Cash Documenting language, visualizing culture: shooting digital video in two endangered language communities ldlt_03.pdf

Abhishek Avtans Humane face of language documentation: a Great Andamanese experience ldlt_04.pdf

Howard Beck, Sue Legg,
Elizabeth Lowe & M. J. Hardman
Aymara on the internet: a step toward interoperability and user access ldlt_05.pdf

Oliver Bond Towards a canon for negation ldlt_06.pdf

Peter Budd & Mary Raymond Community-oriented outcomes of language documentation in Melanesia ldlt_07.pdf

Lise M. Dobrin,
Peter K. Austin & David Nathan
Dying to be counted: the commodification of endangered languages in documentary linguistics ldlt_08.pdf

Leila Dodykhudoeva Revitalization of minority languages: comparative dictionary of key cultural terms in the languages and dialects of the Shugni-Rushani group ldlt_09.pdf

Margaret Florey Expanding opportunities for documenting endangered languages in Indonesia ldlt_10.pdf

Edward Garrett & Leah Bateman Symbiosis between documentary linguistics and linguistic pragmatics ldlt_11.pdf

Gale Goodwin Gómez Responsive research and community involvement among the Brazilian Yanomami ldlt_12.pdf

Ekaterina Gruzdeva Challenging theory: spatial deixis in Nivkh ldlt_13.pdf

Chryso Hadjidemetriou Kormakiti Maronite Arabic: prospect of documentation and community response ldlt_14.pdf

Sam Hellmuth,
Frank Kügler & Ruth Singer
Quantative investigation of intonation in an endangered language ldlt_15.pdf

Kristine A. Hildebrandt Phonology and fieldwork in Nepal: problems and potentials ldlt_16.pdf

Trevor Johnston & Adam Schembri Testing language description through language documentation, archiving and corpus creation: the case of indicating verbs in the Auslan Archive Corpus ldlt_17.pdf

Friederike Lüpke Under construction: theories of argument structure and empirical data from language description and documentation ldlt_18.pdf

Stephen A. Marlett Bringing it home: the implications of documentation for a vibrant endangered language ldlt_19.pdf

Lutz Marten Agreement, word order and information structure: some Bantu examples ldlt_20.pdf

Stuart McGill Documenting grammatical tone using Toolbox: an evaluation of Buseman’s interlinearisation technique ldlt_21.pdf

Mary Pearce Description and theory in the voicing/tone interaction of Kera ldlt_22.pdf

Julia Sallabank Endangered language maintenance and social networks ldlt_23.pdf

Bonny Sands The contribution of language documentation to historical phonology ldlt_24.pdf

Galini Sapountzaki,
Eleni Efthimiou &
Stavroula-Evita Fotinea
Greek Sign Language documentation: theoretical implications and practical considerations ldlt_25.pdf

Eva Schultze-Berndt On manners and paths of refining Talmy's typology of motion expressions via language documentation ldlt_26.pdf

Eugénie Stapert Linguistic theory and fieldwork in interaction: the case of Pirahă ldlt_27.pdf

Yuko Sugita Language revitalization or language fossilization? Some suggestions for language documentation from the viewpoint of interactional linguistics ldlt_28.pdf

Hein van der Voort Theoretical and social implications of language documentation and description on the eve of destruction in Rondônia ldlt_29.pdf

Robert S. Williams & Jade Comfort Language documentation and description among refugee populations ldlt_30.pdf

Ulrike Zeshan The ethics of documenting sign languages in village communities ldlt_31.pdf