Proceedings of Conference on

Language Documentation

& Linguistic Theory 2

Edited by Peter K. Austin, Oliver Bond, Monik Charette,
David Nathan & Peter Sells

13-14 November 2009, SOAS, London

Author(s) Title File
Peter K. Austin,
Oliver Bond,
Monik Charette,
David Nathan &
Peter Sells
Table of contents, Appendix and cover ldlt2_00.pdf

Peter Sells Introduction ldlt2_01.pdf

Larry M. Hyman Good things come in small languages:
grammatical loss and innovation in Nzadi

Tania Kuteva Grammatical categories and linguistic theory:
elaborateness in grammar

Ayla B. Applebaum &
Andrea L. Berez
A theory is only as good as the data:
casting a wide net in Kabardian and Ahtna documentation

Louise Ashmore Documenting deixis in Wik-Ngatharr and Wik-Ngathan ldlt2_05.pdf

Oliver Bond Mapping negation in conceptual space ldlt2_06.pdf

Thera Marie Crane Narrative structuring (and restructuring) in Totela:
a group study of tense-aspect in the field

Denis Creissels Construct forms of nouns in African languages ldlt2_08.pdf

Mark Dingemanse Ideophones in unexpected places ldlt2_09.pdf

Vera Ferreira &
Peter Bouda
Minderico: an endangered language in Portugal ldlt2_10.pdf

Dafydd Gibbon, Firmin Ahoua,
Blé François Kipré & Sascha Griffiths
Discrete level narrative, terraced music:
insights from underdocumented Ivorian languages

Geoffrey Haig &
Stefan Schnell
From text to typology: towards implementing quantitative
typology on corpora from endangered languages

Ken Hiraiwa A note on the typology of head-internal relativization ldlt2_13.pdf

Dorothea Hoffmann Orientation or location? A case-study of Jaminjung and Kriol ldlt2_14.pdf

Jean-Marie Hombert &
Gérard Philippson
The linguistic importance of language isolates: the African case ldlt2_15.pdf

Fusheini Hudu,
Amanda Miller &
Douglas Pulleyblank
Ultrasound imaging and theories of tongue root phenomena
in African languages

Jekura U. Kavari &
Lutz Marten
Multiple noun class prefixes in Otjiherero ldlt2_17.pdf

Nancy C. Kula Opacity in Bantu: In support of the internal organisation of features ldlt2_18.pdf

Natalia Kuznetsova Typology of prosodic systems in Low Luga Izhorian varieties ldlt2_19.pdf

Natalia Kuznetsova,
Olga Kuznetsova &
Valentin Vydrin
Modeling a new Guro orthography ldlt2_20.pdf

René Lacroix Laz relative clauses in a typological and areal perspective ldlt2_21.pdf

Conor McDonough Quinn Towards a model of maximal accessibility in linguistic
documentation work

Stuart McGill Gender and person markers in Cicipu discourse:
‘non-topical’ and ‘topical’ anaphoric agreement

Tatiana Nikitina Displaced arguments: S-O-V-X word order in Mande ldlt2_24.pdf

Irina Nikolaeva Nominal tense in Tundra Nenets and Northern Samoyedic ldlt2_25.pdf

Rachel Nordlinger Murrinh-Patha agreement: implications for the relationship
between theory and description

Ronald P. Schaefer &
Francis O. Egbokhare
Toward a notion of possible verb in Emai ldlt2_27.pdf

Tyler Schnoebelen (Un)classifying Shabo: phylogenetic methods and results ldlt2_28.pdf

Michael F. Thomas Do formal models constrain language description?
The case of verbal agreement morphology

Robert S. Williams,
Angelika Jakobi &
Jade Comfort
The Uncunwee (Ghulfan) Documentation Project:
linking language documentation to language conservation

Melani Wratil Null arguments and homonymy flight in the development of
Creole pronoun systems

Sabine Zerbian Phonology and phonetics of tone in Northern Sotho,
a Southern Bantu language