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Books and Papers

Peter K. Austin, (editor) Language Documentation and Description


Volumes 1 to 11 of our Working Papers series are available:

Volume 11... contents
Volume 10... contents
Volume 9 ... contents
Volume 8 ... contents
Volume 7 ... contents
Volume 6 ... contents
Volume 5 ... contents
Volume 4 ... contents
Volume 3 ... contents
Volume 2 ... contents
Volume 1 ... contents

You can order the volumes at our SOAS online store.


Foundation for Endangered Languages books

We are collaborating with the Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL) to market and distribute the series of publications produced by FEL. There are 11 volumes available, covering a wide range of topics linking endangered languages to literacy, literature, land, language learning, media, multilingualism, migration and social impacts. For details, see the FEL books page.