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Language Documentation and Description Volume 5



Volume 5 is a collection of papers dealing with several topics in language documentation:

• data in language documentation
• the role of digital video and archiving in language documentation
• language activism and language documentation

The papers arise from a workshop and a conference held at SOAS in December 2005 and 2006; two others were written for this volume. They represent important contributions to the theory and practice of the field of language documentation by leading scholars and younger researchers.

The volume will be of interest to anyone concerned with documenting and describing languages.

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  • Editor's Introduction Peter K. Austin
  • Data - but data from what? Ruth Finnegan
  • Linguist's multi-layered data and the linguistic community's polyphony Maurizio Gnerre
  • The representativeness of language documentations Frank Seifart
  • The role of digital video in language documentation Louise Ashmore
  • Digital archives: essential elements in the workflow for endangered languages documentation and revitalisationn David Nathan
  • Language activism and the "new linguistics": expanding opportunities for documenting endangered languages in Indonesia Margaret Florey


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