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Language Documentation and Description Volume 9



Volume 9 is a collection of papers dealing with several topics in language documentation:

  • language documentation and sustainability
  • ontologies in language documentation
  • negation, deixis and loan words in endangered languages
  • book reviews
  • The papers on the first topic arise from a workshop held at SOAS in February 2010, while the remainder are by post-doctoral fellows and former students at SOAS. The papers represent important contributions to the theory and practice of the field of language documentation by leading scholars and younger researchers. The volume is of interest to anyone concerned with documenting and describing languages.

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    • Editor's Introduction Julia Sallabank
    • On thin ice: language, culture and environment in the Arctic Lenore Grenoble
    • Re-building language habitats: connecting language planning and land planning for sustainable futures Christine Schreyer
    • Social change and language revitalization in the Isle of Man: a post-materialist perspective Gary N. Wilson
    • Negation in clause linkages Oliver Bond
    • Aspects of deixis in Cicipu: evidence from real-time video commentary Stuart McGill
    • On borrowed time? The increase of Bislama loanwords in Bierebo Peter Budd
    • Ontologies in language documentation Steve Pepper
    • Book review Julia Sallabank


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